Ice Cooling Summer Blanket

$79.99 $160

Australia’s Best Selling Cooling Blanket

Are you sick and tired of struggling to sleep at night due to the heat and sweat?

Our Summer Cooling blanket has been specifically designed to fight off those hot summer nights using our most advanced cooling technology in our quality material to absorb all the heat keeping you snug and cool all summer long!

Save $1,000’s On Your Air Conditioning Bill

We understand the need to have your air conditioner running night and day which would significantly be racking up your electricity bill! With our incredible cooling blanket you will no longer need to run your air conditioner at night and be able to sleep in ultimate comfort snuggled upto your blanket without any heat or sweat!

Benefits Of Our Cooling Blanket

✅ No More Waking Up From Heat & Sweat
✅ Provides A Cooler & More Comfortable Night’s Sleep
✅ Save $1,000’s On Your Air Conditioner Bill
✅ Reduces Stress & Anxiety
✅ Made With Quality Material
✅ Provides Ultimate Comfort Enhancing Your Quality Of Sleep
✅ Allows Airflow While Absorbing Excess Heat
✅ Free Shipping Australia Wide
✅ Many Happy Australian Customers
✅ 14 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

A Hot Sleeper’s Best Friend

We know all too well the struggle of getting a quality night sleep when we feel way too hot. Stripping off the blankets, blasting a useless fan and realising it’s nearly time to wake up when you’ve barely had a decent ounce of sleep.
This cooling blanket will truly change your life in Summer, leaving you with a cooling sensation allowing you to get a full night’s restful sleep.

The Best Quality Material

We strive to provide our customers with the best quality products and only use the best quality material in our summer cooling blankets so all the heat can be absorbed through the fibres. Our quality material wicks away any moisture which makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin. Join many happy Australian customers who are now enjoying the ultimate sleeping experience through those hot summer nights.

Feel Safe With A 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Feel safe with a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee -
We Are Australia’s Leading Homeware Store,
feel free to contact us within 14 days of arrival
To receive a FULL REFUND!

- Breathable Material
- Anti-dust, suitable for all skin types
- Material: Polyester 
- Machine washable 
- Tumble dryer friendly - low setting recommended

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