Cat Litter Mat

$59.99 $120

Stop Litter Trailing Throughout The House

Are you constantly finding cat litter around your home creating an enormous mess that you can’t seem to get on top of?

Our litter mats have been designed to eliminate the cat litter mess around your home. Created with waterproof material, our litter mats are a must-have, preventing litter spillages all around your home so you have less cleaning to do and can relax when you have visitors knowing they won't be walking on any litter pellets lying around your home.

Australia's #1 Litter Mat

Recommended by veterinarians and cat parents all across Australia, our litter mats are helping many Australians by maintaining a clean and safe environment for their family and friends. Less cleaning is allowing our families to spend more time enjoying their felines without wasting valuable time constantly picking up cat litter around the home and being able to recycle spilled litter and save lots of money in the long run!

Join Many Happy Australian customers who get to relax knowing they have a cleaner and more hygienic home for their family, friends and feline family!

Benefits Of Our Cat Litter Mats

✅ Keep Your Home Clean With Less Mess

✅ Save $100’s On The Cost Of Wasted Cat Litter

✅ Protect Your Hardwood Floors & Carpets

✅ Prevent Dangerous Illnesses In Your Home Such As E.Coli

✅ Less Time Cleaning Meaning More Time With Your Feline Family

✅ A More Hygienic Home For Your Friends & Family

✅ Keep Your Cats’ Claws Clean

✅ Free Shipping Australia Wide

✅ Many Happy Australian Customers

✅ 14 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

Save $100’s On Wasted Litter

Our Mat allows you to recycle trailed unused litter back into the litter box, saving you up to 30% on the cost of litter and helping you be more sustainable!

Why Choose Our Cat Litter Mat?

Our cat litter mats are made with high quality waterproof material that can be easily rinsed or wiped to clean. All you need to do is lift the mat and tip the litter back into the litter tray making life a breeze!

Feel Safe with a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Feel safe with a 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee - 
We are Australia's Leading Home Supplies Store,
feel free to contact us within 14 days of arrival to
receive a FULL REFUND!


  • High quality material
  • Waterproof
  • Easily rinse or wipe to clean
  • L 70cm x W 55cm 

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